Where are the songs about social media & internet?

The biggest change in the lives of many in the last decade is by no mistake the internet followed by the introduction of social media. Where ever you go, bring all of your friends with you in your pocket, and stay connected and have answers to all your questions. Never be unconnected your love-ones. Never have question unanswered. Ever since big changes have been introduced to mankind, songs have been written to either salute or detest the new feature or apparatus. Songs about trains, cars, televisions, the telephone, music records, airplanes, spaceships etc. etc. can be found in large numbers.

But where are the songs about the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, mobile (smart) phones, iTunes, Spotify etc. etc. ?

Have these inventions not changed our way of living? Yes they sure did (at least for the most of you) and certainly the lives of the popular music lovers. But no songs about it eh? Have we grown numb to inventions and changes? I found only few songs, that remotely refer to the introduction of Social media or the Internet. Here’s a list of them http://flavorwire.com/129972/10-songs-about-social-media . And of course there is “Text me” from Solomon Burke & de Dijk

But these are still a few, compared to for example the long list of ‘telephone’ hitsongs like “Ring-Ring – Abba” , “I just called to say I love you – Stevie Wonder” , “Calling Elvis – Dire Straits” , “Call Me – Blondie”
So singers, songwriters ! Log out of facebook and instagram, stop whatsapping and snapchatting. Open notepad, Evernote or OneNote and start writing those songs about the current live impacting technologies of our days!

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